Wallace Johnson Studio was originally founded in 2010 as Meredith Small Design Group, PLLC, a full-scale architectural interior design firm.  In 2014, Meredith Small Wallace teamed up with Elizabeth Parham Johnson, a former colleague at Good Fulton & Farrell Architects, to expand the companys product offering and service capacity as a response to ever-increasing market demands.  Wallace Johnson Studio continues to serve both commercial (retail, corporate, bar/restaurant) and residential (single/multi family) markets while maintaining consistent dedication to a carefully selected system of Core Values.  We feel certain fundamentals should remain unchanged and serve as a cornerstone of service for all of our projects - regardless of type or size.  These Core Values are described below.


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED    -   We approach each phase of the design process like were on a problem solving journey.  No two projects are alike – even franchised retail chains, or two rooms within the same residence – and should be treated as individual units with singular needs.  Many factors – zoning and building code requirements, accessibility standards, tenant criteria, construction timeline, budget, occupancy, function, and purpose to name a few – must be considered in addition to the design aesthetic to determine the best outcome.  

CLIENT FOCUS    -    'You before me' is our company guideline. The client's best interests always come first. 

LESS IS MORE    -       We take pride in our capability to personally care for and oversee each project we take on.  Our workload is carefully maintained to ensure superior results in a timely manner.  The aim is to never be in a position where our staff is too bogged down to give your project the fresh, alert treatment it deserves.  Quality trumps quantity at all times.